Is it safe?

Yes. And, safety is our number one priority. Our licensed instructors work one on one with you the entire time to make sure you are comfortable and safe. The instructor will control the amount of thrust (power) from the flyboard and as you gain confidence, you will be able to fly higher. We also supply you with helmets and official flyboard lifejackets. Our team of licensed instructors are also CPR certified and trained in first-aid.

How difficult is it?

It’s not. We usually have you up and flying above the water in 3-5 minutes. The learning curve is very intuitive and you will impress yourself your first time out with us. Go stand on the edge of a curb…good… now you can flyboard.

Can anyone do this?

Absolutely anybody can do this.

Does FlyBoarding require a lot of strength, balance, and endurance?

Strength no, balance… a little! If you can stand on a curb, you can FlyBoard. As far as endurance goes, that’s up to you and how hard you push yourself during your flight. Generally you can fly for 20-30 minutes and still be smiling.

Compared to other sports how hard is flyboarding?

FlyBoarding is ten times easier to learn and master than most adventure sports out there. It’s way easier than snowboarding and wakeboarding.

How high can I fly?

That’s up to you. Show us that you’re comfortable at five feet, and you want to go up to ten? You’re up, up, and away!

What should I bring?

  • Drinking Water
  • Change of clothes
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Change for Parking Meters
  • Cameras
  • Friends and Family

    Is it fun?

    We guarantee this will be the funnest thing you’ve ever done.


    There are a few limitations

    • Minors must have parental approval (parents must be present for flight)
    • Intoxicated people can not fly
    • Flyers should be between 100lbs. and 300lbs.
    • Flyers should be comfortable in the water
    • Flyers should not be pregnant
    • Flyers should be in good physical